Grisales Violinmakers


di Giorgio Grisales

While copying a master of the past I don’t take time simply in reproducing faithfully his work, but I also try to grab and to assimilate the spirit that inspired his construction project. This assimilation process, certainly far from limiting my individuality, was of great incentive to invent a style and to refine the taste that belongs to me, in order to find a smooth execution, quick but at the same time accurate and precise. The instruments that come out from my workshop embody this spirit, it permeates them. The sound result, the construction style, actually each element is the fruit of this symbiosis with the masters of the past. The other important ingredients of my activity of violinmaker are the accurate selection and the wood working, the careful preparation and the spreading of the varnish, and last but not least the passion for the historical research. All this allowed us to achieve a high quality in the construction of the bow instruments. The passion together with the close comparison with the masters allowed me to make instruments that have met the favour of the musicians in search of a finished and reliable mean to play music and that have obtained the appreciation of interpreters in search of a precious “fellow- traveller”.